Aletheia provides transformational support to professionals, at the intersection of self, work, and changing world.

Aletheia/əˈ leɪ θɪ (ʊh)/

Truth; unconcealedness; the state of not being hidden.


True mentorship and honest communication suffer under the demands of the modern world.

In the workplace conversation on professionals’ well-being, industry is focused on symptoms, misunderstood as causes. Solutions are selected for their trendiness or expediency, not efficacy. We see these approaches exhaust themselves time after time – at great expense – as problems prove perennial.

In the online world, whether corporate-sponsored, social media-powered, or both, “content” is packaged to serve creators and platforms – no matter how it’s labeled. Certain material has its place, but for the deepest needs and most discerning clients, what is new, fast and faddish will never suffice.

Aletheia does things differently. While the world and individual circumstances evolve, we know the essentials of human interaction remain constant. Our offerings are private, bespoke and, to the extent possible, offline. We serve in strict confidence, with the zeal and intensity of effort our clients rightly expect. We reject superficial advice and eschew one-size-fits-all. We deliver insights efficiently to support your near-term problem solving and, we hope, your lifelong growth.

Aletheia fits well with those who know that a real remedy, in work and in life, must be an inside job. Within this circle, we help bring about individual transformations which are manifest and durable.

Aletheia for One.
Coaching & consultation (in person, by video or phone)
Bespoke mentorships for professionals in life & career transition
Curated personal retreats for pause & renewal
Aletheia for Many.
Roundtable events for small groups
Sponsored collaborations
Julie McCane, Founder & Principal


I believe a personal evolution requires a refined language, honest self-inquiry, dedication and verve.

I believe in the simple and potent. To still the overactive modern mind, I trust in the power of the imagination, our natural world, the wisdom of the body. I trust in deliberate, skillful speech and considered action. I trust in beauty, and in silence.

The ability to provide sound advice to others is a gift, well-honed in time.  It has less to do with biography or training.  If you find yourself in need of guidance, you must take your time and evaluate each helping professional with great care.  It is no different here.

In that spirit, if your perusal prompts you to learn more about how we might work together, I’d welcome hearing from you.