Aletheia provides transformational support to professionals, at the intersection of self, work, and changing world.

Aletheia/əˈ leɪ θɪ (ʊh)/

Truth; unconcealedness; the state of not being hidden.


True mentorship and honest communication suffer under the demands of the modern workplace.

In the conversation on professionals’ well-being, industry is focused on symptoms, misunderstood as causes.  Solutions are selected for their trendiness or expediency, not efficacy.  We see these approaches exhaust themselves time after time – at great expense – as problems prove perennial.

Aletheia does things differently.  We serve with the zeal and intensity of effort our clients rightly expect of a peer.  We help bring about individual transformations which are manifest and durable.

We serve members of the professions who know that a real remedy, in work and in life, must be an inside job.

Aletheia for One.
Coaching & consultation (in person, by video or phone)
Bespoke mentorships for professionals in career transition
Curated personal retreats for pause & renewal
Aletheia for Many.
Roundtable events for small groups
Sponsored collaborations 
Julie McCane, Founder & Principal


We believe a personal evolution requires a refined language, honest self-inquiry, dedication and verve.

We believe in the simple and potent. We reject superficial advice and eschew one-size-fits-all.

The Aletheia approach is practical, discreet, and tailored to your needs. Whether you are a virtual member or a private client, we deliver insights efficiently to support your near-term problem solving and, we hope, your lifelong growth.